How Learning has Changed My Life
Jon Adams – Options Work Activity Program

Until fairly recently, education didn’t matter much to me. I did little more than what was necessary to graduate from high school. After a few years I had forgotten almost everything I learned in school. A calculator was all I needed for math; I couldn’t even remember how to borrow when subtracting. Even those who seemed intelligent to me were lacking in math skills, so I saw no reason to do anything about my problem.

Shortly after starting the Options Work Activity Program, education started to grow on me. This is partly due to upgrading instructors with real passion for what they do. Also, I had grown up a little. Eventually I wanted to take in all I could in the time available. Math became my favorite class. It was the perfect end to my work week in the second phase of the program. It’s very hands-on, appealing to my analytical mind and as an added bonus it is useful for my vintage television repair hobby. By the time the upgrading classes ended, I had a fairly solid grip on whole number operations. My overall math score on Canadian Adult Achievement Test had reached post high school.

I didn’t want to just stop it all, but I couldn’t continue learning new math operations without instruction, so I continued working on my chosen science series in my spare time. Rather than try to choose a concentration I chose a series with a little bit of everything. I don’t just read the material; I study it with the hope of not having to refer to it when answering the questions. Doing it any other way would be pointless. Even though this is not my preferred learning style and the earlier units were more interesting, I’m dedicated to finishing.

For my work option, I chose customer service. In my opinion, it is the most valuable work option offered. I’m passionate about serving others, but was severely lacking in experience and knowledge of how to properly deal with others. The instruction delivered by my highly competent facilitator along with my work experience helping with deliveries to grocery stores has helped me get started on the road to becoming the kind of person I really want to be. As long as I do my best to keep walking tall, I will be successful.

I will continue to seek out new learning opportunities. Most importantly, I must study and practice what I’m passionate about. Any piece of paper that says I have completed a course only means that the foundation has been placed. I must continue to practice and apply whatever I learn to get the full benefit. If I choose to get more formal education, I will likely start with the Academic and Career Connections program at Nova Scotia Community College. Their science for technology offering looks most appealing to me.

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