How Learning Changed My Life
Mahnaz Musawi – Cunard Learning Centre

I am twenty years old. I am student at the Cunard Learning Centre. My nationality is Afghani, but I was born in Iran.

My grandparents moved to Iran thirty- six years ago to study and get an education for their children. Also, they wanted to get a job and earn a little money, but they couldn’t. They thought when they moved to Iran it would be a good country for them, but it was not. After a while, they had some problems. First of all, Iran’s government didn’t permit them to study. Afghan people had to pay a lot of money for school, for every grade, for books, and school insurance. Some of them could pay this money, but some of them couldn’t.

I started school when I was seven, but when I was nine I had to stop because my dad couldn’t pay. My dad was a labourer. I cried a lot. But my dad worked very hard and earned the money for me to go back to school. I loved to study and get an education. I went to school every year and it was very expensive. Finally, I finished grade 11 with difficulty and after that I didn’t go to school because I didn’t have a lot of money to pay. Also, my brother and sister didn’t go too.

One month later, I was looking to find a job. I went to the every store, but they didn’t accept me because I didn’t have a high school diploma and also because I was Afghani. I became sad and angry. I asked myself why they didn’t accept me because I was Afghani. I am a human like another person. I am a girl who lives in Iran. But Iranian people didn’t know this. They treated us badly.

In 2012, I married and I came to Canada. On the first day, I asked some questions of my husband about education here. He told me everything is good here. Everyone can study because there is no difference between you and another person. I became happy when I heard this. I started my school on November 10, 2013 at the Immigrants Services Association of Nova Scotia or ISANS. In the ISANS, my teacher helped me very much. When I didn’t understand he explained it to me very well. And, he told me it is never too late to learn and return to school and get an education. Also, it is never too late to change direction in your life. He told me, you can study at any time. I learned the alphabet for one week.

After one month, I came to the Adult Learning Program to complete my grade 12 and get my high school diploma. Adult Learning has given me many skills. I need to continue my education. Also, adult learning has made me believe that everything is possible. And, have given me the opportunity to do the best in my life. Learning lets me give something back to my community. Age is not important. I can see the sun shining on all of my goals in the future. My teachers made me a more confident person. In addition, they encouraged me to study more.

I am now working in a store to save a little money for university in the future. I will go to the NSCC this September. I wish to become a pharmacist in Canada.

I love Canada because I can study. I am like another person in Canada now. I wish to have an education for every child in the world because education and learning change our lives very much. Also, it helps us to become independent people. I got a lot of experience to live better for myself and my family. I now feel more confident in everything I do. Thank you for your kind attention.

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