Education – Yodit Matewos

My name is Yodit Matewos. I came to Canada in 2004. My childhood education was not good. The education system was bad because we started to learn English in grade 6, which is bad. In Canada my English is getting better; I can write and read. I still have writing problems but it is getting better since I started at Cunard Learning Center. When I was in school back home, I was not a good student because English was hard. I am not happy when I remember my childhood education. It was a waste of time for many years.

In 2000, my country’s situation was very bad and I went to Kenya. I lived in Kenya for 4 years. In Kenya I didn’t get a chance to go to school. In 2004, I came to Canada. After I came to Canada I started to work in housekeeping. At that time, finding work without English was very exciting for me but after a while it was depressing. I couldn’t communicate with anyone and I didn’t understand what my supervisor said. It was bad and really depressing as the years passed. Another thing that was depressing for me was when I had to ask people to help me fill out a form.

In 2010, I heard about Cunard. I started right away. I really liked it because many things came very easily. Now I can fill a form and applications. I am so happy and I always say, “Thank God for Cunard.” I have a lot of confidence when I am speaking now. Before I was afraid to speak because I didn’t know English and wasn’t confident. My teachers help my life become easy. I have a daughter in grade 1 at school. She needs help from me so I can help her now. I have a goal to get my high school diploma and take a course in nursing. I can do that and have confidence in myself. Finally, I want say thank you to the teachers at Cunard Learning Center.

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